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Louise Whelan

Digital Art, Multi Media Art and Photography by Louise Whelan


Louise Whelan


"Neo Antipodean series is a body of work made about the immigrants's life in Australia, their new costumes and behaviours within foreign culture. The series is an observation of the impact that immigration has on individualism and selfworth and how it creates new narratives on people lives."

Louise Whelan

Louise’s work is currently being exhibited at Manly Art Gallery and Museum

“Louise Whelan: A Portal in Transition, The Accidental Archive”

is on untill the 1st of September 2019.

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KELLY NED, 2016, Digital Collage, limited edition 1/6, 100 x 55.3 cm, unmounted and unframed , AUD $ 650.00

The Ned Kelly digital work was made in collaboration with the exhibition "interfluxo". Louise appropriated the Northeast sculptures of notorious Brazilians outlaws ( picture below) and translated their significance to the Australian paradigm. Louise juxtaposed symbols of both cultures which were related to a common cultural aspect - outlaws turned into social heroes. The work is coloured by Ned Kelly's army in the form of toy-soldiers which is what the Brazilians sculptures have became - toys. Whelan creates a narrative of historical cultural events of her homeland embedded with another culture's iconography as it discourses on the transnational and on the intersection of identities that is shaping the world today. The Brazilian outlaws were a couple of lovers - Lampiao e Maria Bonita - in Whelan's work, Ned Kelly could be Kelly Ned and also Ned + Kelly, the male and female became one as it responds to the Brazilian artwork by framing not only their cultural similarities but also their differences. Whelan's work stands for cultural inclusion insofar as the artist Australian identity is maintained and validated.  Cassia Bundock

NED KELLY, 2016, digital collage, limited edition 1/6, 100 x 55.3 cm, unmounted and unframed, AUD$ 650.00

NED + KELLY,  2016, 100 X 55.3 cm, digital collage, limited edition 1/6, unmounted and unframed, AUD$ 650.00

NED + KELLY, 2016, 100 X 55.3 cm, digital collage, limited edition 1/6, unmounted and unframed, AUD$ 650.00

Louise is a visual artist from Sydney. Her interdisciplinary approach spans photomedia, projection, video art and installation. Her practice draws inspiration from environmental and humanitarian issues, and her interest in the aesthetic of memory. Louise is widely published and exhibited. She photographs for the state libraries of New South Wales and Western Australia and the National Library of Australia. She has more than 30 national and international awards to her name including Winner, Julia Margaret Cameron Award UK(Documentary and Editorial), Finalist, National Portrait Prize Australia (2012 and 2013, 2106) and The Head On Portrait Prize 2011. Louise’s first monograph was published by T&G Publishing and her work features in many collections including; The Monash Gallery of Art VIC, NSW Parliament Collection, The National Library Canberra, The State Library of NSW, The State Library of WA, Mall Gallery London and many private Collections. Solo and group shows for 2015 included, Solo exhibition African/Australians Customs House Sydney 2015, Group Show Moran Gallery Paddington Site specific work in The Many. Curated by Dr Julie Louise Bacon, Public Art Installation The Game Avalon Art Carnival Curated By Kendal Henry and Susan Milne.