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Filet Lace - As Rendeiras

Filet Lace from Alagoas, Brazil



Filet lace pieces are made from 100% cotton, the small pieces vary in size around 45cm X 45cm - $35.00 each.

The square table cover is aproximately 300 x 300 cm- $ 620.00. All prices are in AUD.               

Textile Art - Filet Lace

The style of 'knots and nets' lace making was initiated in Brazil originally in the state of Alagoas and later disseminated to neighbouring states .

This style of lacing can also be called ‘darned lace’, where the design is created by filling in a grid-like structure openings with a regular darning stitch.

The ‘filet lace’ work from Alagoas can display Indigenous, African designs, or both; others can also contain European influence all of which come from the makers’ milieu. The sunburst design, which is achieved by knotting and weaving across the thread diameters to make a web, is attributed solely to Brazil.

The contemporaneity of this art form lays in their materiality - they are objects that can be worn, touched, and used in a multitude of ways. 

This close encounter and possible interaction between art and viewers that lacework permits can be endless and limitless. It could be said that the audience collaborates in the lacework’s creative process by expanding its artistic possibilities and pushing it towards a greater amplitude of subjectivity about the way it exists and performs.

Charged with so many design attributes and beauty, it is no surprise that lacework has been collected during the life of many women and during many centuries. Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York are some of the museums where lacework are collected and displayed.

In Brazil, some of the best artworks belong to Departamento de Sociologia do Centro de Humanidades da Universidad Federal do Ceara.

These institutions are aware of the cultural knowledge of these objects and their historical significance.

Cassia Bundock

Filet lace pieces are made from 100% cotton, the small pieces vary in size around 45cm X 45cm approximately and $35.00 each; the square table cover is $ 620.00. All prices are in AUD.               

As Rendeiras

They are constellations of dedicated craftswomen from the north-east states of Brazil that were introduced to this art of lace making by family tradition and the need for survival. Some of these constellations are able to achieve great success when stars of superior dexterity are found within the group. These brilliant artists are in time discovered and employed by bespoke designers wanting to add extra prestige to their clothing by incorporating the handcraft into their creations. These success stories are the motivating furnace that nurture the inspiration of these craftswomen. 

Thinking subjectively and continuously when making lace, render these women the capability to understand and express themselves as well as their culture.

There are several associations of lace makers in the state of Alagoas and their group power and social influence keep on achieving significant improvements on their business ecology and structure. Today, in Alagoas alone, dozens of shops sell filet lace made by these artists. As Rendeiras have not only achieved independence, business acumen and marketing skills, they have, in addition, contributed intensely to the making of their local culture.