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cassia bundock

Cassia Bundock makes installation art, curates cultural events and exhibitions and coordinate art commissions with other artists.


Cassia Bundock

Installation view Mythical Speech, 2019, wood, steel and acrylic paint, exhibited at Be Brave Art Space - 8 February to 3 March 2019

Installation view Mythical Speech, 2019, wood, steel and acrylic paint, exhibited at Be Brave Art Space - 8 February to 3 March 2019

Mythical Speech

The installation ‘Mythical Speech” explores forms of communication between the physical and the spiritual realms.

I borrowed the term Mythical Speech from the French philosopher and theorist Roland Barthes who stated ‘myth is a system of communication or a message or a mode of signification’.

The inspiration behind these work comes from being raised in a catholic/spiritist family, as child I was always at the church - a catholic baroque church with its inside walls and ceilings covered in apocalyptic frescos, each room filled with life-size statues of saints and the music from the church’s organ and bells.

The ‘Mythical Speech’ pieces were made with the appropriation of Ex-Votos (wood sculptures of body parts) I collected from Brazil’s major pilgrimage cathedrals. Ex-votos are significant as an arqueologic object, they inform about their people and their culture in a legitimate time and space. For me each Ex-Votos is as sacred as a religious object but without a real attachment to any religion.

Behind each one of these pieces there is a narrative about a human being who, through faith and determination has achieved a dream, cured a sick body or a sick mind - who went beyond his or her limitations.

Cassia Bundock

All pieces are sold separately. please enquire.

MS table sculptures - AUD $ 190.00

Small MS wall sculptures - AUD $ 190.00

Medium MS wall sculptures - AUD $ 210.00

Large MS wall sculptures - AUD $ 220.00

cassia bundock

Cassia Bundock is a curator/artist and producer working from Bayview.

Cassia was born in May 2, 1963 in a bohemian central district of São Paulo called Bixiga where she was raised. She played the piano from the age of 7 up to her teenage years. She has practiced and has followed contemporary dance from early age. She started to paint in 1992 and had her first group show in 1997 at a bar in the sophisticated neighbourhood of Jardins.

Cassia came to live in Australia in 2000. She studied at the UNSW Art & Design and has curated four exhibitions in Sydney: Into Africa, 2002, Lace in Alagoas- a nexus of art, sea and women, 2016; interfluxo, 2017 and Invisible Bridges, 2018.

Cassia’s practice circulates in the sphere of the hybrid. She blends the aesthetic and the poetry of her European/Indigenous Brazilian background with her contemporary life as a diaspora. Her work tends to carry spirituality, history and semiotics framed with elements of the Baroque and the Modernism particularly the Brazilian Neo- Concretism, Dada and Primitivism.

“I always found art powerful. I am interested in the kind of power that art holds that can change everything”