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Abbie Hashimoto

Magical Reality, Women's Paradigm and Feminism


Abbie Hashimoto

Neon on acrylic box . I WANT IT

Neon on acrylic box. I WANT IT

Cut Diamonds - The Many Facets of The Female

Cut Diamonds- the many facets of the female is a series of photo-collage works by Melbourne artist Abbie Hashimoto which confront viewers with ambiguous representations of women's psychic.This series is made of 14 small works where Hashimoto carefully chooses, juxtaposes and blends photographs that are signifiers of a state of a mind to suggest a conflict.  A woman’s intellect is set against her emotions, her religiosity against her sexuality,  the spirituality against the mundane in a busy and almost tormented state.Hashimoto creates a layered narrative of action, dreaming and reason to express the paradoxical feminine universe.She uses symbols of vulnerability, power, emotion and beliefs that are graphic and show no restrain.There is a feeling that Hashimoto made this series so small to amplified its meaning, inviting viewers to enter her private inner world through a suggesting peephole.As we enter and explore Hashimoto’s images our own perception of the female may alter.

These artworks are made using photograph collage in varied small sizes, all mounted and framed 25 x 25 cm. AUD$ 299.00 .